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About Mother Organic

Mother Organic founded with a very simple idea  in  mind  to  Bring  Naturally  Enriched 100% Organic Product at your Doorsteps. Have you ever thought why diseases are increasing day by day? The answer to your question is the foodstuff you daily use are produced by conventional method and the agriculture product produced by conventional method has more adverse impact on health. We are working to let countrymen know which is best for your good health conventional or organic method.

Your Body Reflects What You Eat

Foods produced by organic farming are better for your health considering all nutrition, taste, quality and other factors. Organic farming is an ancient way that include cultural, biological and physical practices that promotes ecological balance, conserve biodiversity and do not pollute environment. We use latest organic farming technology to improve the quality standard, nutrition, and bring goodness of nature.

Mother Organic – Organic Online Store is long known for crafting healthy foods that are certified, safe and provide long-term benefits to body and mind. The brand’s philosophy of ours is based on providing organic products that are Health & Earth friendly and had no trace of synthetic and harmful ingredients.   Every organic product under the umbrella of Mother Organic are produced without the involvement of hazardous chemical fertilisers & pesticides and goes through a stringent, earth- friendly and quality control process.

Vision & Mission

Mother Organic is bound to extend its presence worldwide as a leading producer and supplier of genuine and certified organic products with superior quality and to promote organic farming in a sustainable manner and to explore domestic and global markets for the organic products.

Our Goal

  • Maintain compliance with organic standards under different schemes
  • Customer Satisfaction at its best
  • Contribution to local economy by fair price policy to our cluster farmers.
  • Widening our network with companies which are working in Organic Industry.
  • Promotion of Indian Organic Food at National / International level.



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    Organic Categories

    Pulses: Organic Arhar Dal | Organic Chana Dal | Organic Cow Pea | Cow Pea White | Organic Kabuli Chana | Organic Kala Chana | Organic Masoor Dhuli | Organic Masoor Malka | Organic Masoor Sabut | Organic Mix Dal | Organic Moong Chilka | Organic Moong Dal | Organic Moong Dhuli | Organic Moong Sabut | Organic Moth Dal | Organic Rajma | Organic Urad Chilka | Organic Urad Dhuli | Organic Urad Sabut

    Spices: Organic Black Pepper | Organic Coriander Powder | Organic Cumin Powder | Organic Garam Masala | Organic Heeng Powder | Organic Meat Masala | Organic Red Chilli Powder | Organic Red Chilli Sabut | Organic Turmeric Powder | Organic Aamchur Powder | Organic Cinnamon Stick | Organic Clove Whole | Organic Ajwain Seed

    Herbs: Organic Aloevera Powder | Organic Amla Candy | Organic Amla Powder | Organic Anar Dana | Organic Ashwagandha Powder | Organic Chia Seeds | Organic Garlic Powder | Organic Karela Powder | Organic Lemon Grass | Organic Mehendi | Organic Pumpkin Seeds | Oregano | Organic Rose Water | Organic Sun flower seeds | Triphla Powder | Organic Wheat Grass Powder

    Rice & Flour: Organic Chana Atta | Organic Bajra Atta | Organic Barley Pearl Flour | Organic Basmati Rice | Orangic Brown Small Rice | Gluten Free Atta | Soybean Atta | Organic Wheat Chakki Atta | Organic Jowar Atta | Organic Maize Atta | Organic Multi Grain Atta | Ragi Atta | Organic Rice Flour

    Breakfast: Organic Bajra Dalia | Organic Barley | Organic Chana Besan | Gluten Free Dalia | Gluten Free Suji | Organic Jowar Dalia | Organic Mix Dalia | Organic Multi Grain Dalia | Organic Roasted Chana Sattu

    Oil & Ghee: Organic Canola Oil | Organic Cow Ghee | Organic Mustard Oil | Organic Ground Oil | Organic Olive Oil | Organic Sesame Oil | Organic Sunflower Oil

    Sweetener: Organic Brown Sugar | Organic Honey | Organic Jaggery (Gur) | Organic Jaggery Powder | Organic White Sugar

    Dry Fruits: Organic Walnut | Organic Cashew | Organic Raisin

    Soap: Aloevera Soap | Haldi Chandan Soap | Honey Kesar Soap | Lemongrass Soap | Milky & Honey Soap | Multani Mitti Soap | Neem Soap | Neem Tulsi Soap | Rose & Honey Soap