About Mother Organic

We founded our business with a very simple idea in mind to “Bring Naturally Enriched 100% Organic Product at your Doorsteps”. Have you ever thought why diseases are increasing day by day? The answer to your question is the foodstuff you daily use are produced by conventional method and the agriculture product produced by conventional method has more adverse impact on health. Thus our main objectives are to serve people best organic foods. We are working to let countrymen know which is best for your good health conventional or organic method.

We are organic certified by Uttarakhand State Organic Certification Agency (USOCA) in compliance with United States Standards for Organic NOP, Indian Standards NPOP. Our certificate is approved by APEDA, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India.

You can select from our variety of products and have them delivered right at your doorstep. You can pay online using Debit/Credit card or Cash on Delivery. Go Organic with Mother Organic!

“Your Body Reflects What You Eat“

Foods produced by organic farming are better for your health considering all nutrition, taste, quality and other factors. Organic farming is an ancient way that include cultural, biological and physical practices that promotes ecological balance, conserve biodiversity and do not pollute environment. We use latest organic farming technology to improve the quality standard, nutrition, and bring goodness of nature.

Benefits of Using Organic Foods

  • We don’t promote chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides for plant growth.
  • Crops are gown by using natural fertilizers such as compost, manure and clover
  • We produce crops using eco-friendly and animal friendly farming methods
  • We are accredited by APEDA under the National Program for Organic Production of the Govt. of INDIA

Managing Body

Founder & Director        Mrs. Reena Bhartiya
Executive Director Mr. Umesh
C.O.O. Mr. Hemant Sharma
Senior Manager Mr. Pushpender Singh
Manager Mr. Mukesh Kumar
Production Managers Mr. Dhyanand Das,Manoj Kumar
Production Team Amita Singh, Zaiba Rani, Naseema Khan, Satyaveer Singh, Manoj Kumar & Sheila Rani
Head Accountant Mr. Anup Ojha
IT Consultant Chandra Bhushan
IT Assistant Shahla Parwin
Marketing Head Mr.Sanjeev Sharma