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  • Mother Organic Gluten Free Atta (5 kg)

  • Our organic Multi grain atta is the perfect mixture of those essential grains which are otherwise not possible for us to include in our daily diet. Thousands of farmers have taken up organic cultivation i.e. production of grains without the use of Chemical Fertilizers & Pesticides so that the consumers can get 100 percent guaranteed quality food products. It is full of fiber, protein, vitamin, energy & minerals. It is multipurpose, has long shelf life and highly nutritious. Adding small amount in daily diet can help feel more active, healthier and energetic. High fiber can help regulate blood sugar.The stomach thereby reduces appetite, protect against obesity. Extra protein content helps improve body strength. Vitamin is vital in strengthening immunity.

  • Bajra Atta containsvitamins , minerals  and very high fiber content which makesit healthier. It is a good source of energy and promotes heart health, possess anti-diabetic effect, helps in digestion and helps to prevent fromcancer

  • Mother Organic Maize Atta (1 kg)

    Maize Attais gluten free and can be used for making many delicacies. It provides relief from heat in summer and in winter it increases the capacity to withstand the cold weather conditions as it provides more energy for the calories consumed. Maize Atta is beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. Maize Atta contains many minerals, out of which phosphorus is the most important. It is essential for the normal growth and bone health. The other minerals are copper, magnesium, iron and zinc. The beta-cryptoxanthin in corn makes it good for the health of the lungs and may even help prevent lung cancer. The high amount of fiber present in corn helps lower cholesterol levels and also reduces the risk of colon cancer.

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