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Respected Prime Minister

I am happy that these days you are busy in improving economic and political health of the country. But in this struggle if health of the young generation of the country only gets deteriorated then strength of your 150 crore Indians and the entire foundation of their future only will get cracks. Modi Ji my quandary on the health of the country worsening is not superficial. Actually, in the name of green revolution to increase agricultural production the manner of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides indiscriminately which we have adopted that today has become tocsin for both our health and life.

Truth is this that indiscriminate use of Chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the blind race to increase Agricultural production has impaired the health of both, country’s soil and its people. In the foremost state in agricultural production-Punjab its effect can be clearly seen, where in the last 3-4 years agricultural production is constantly declining. Due to reckless use of chemical fertilizers in the fertility capacity of the soil there huge decline has come. Forest area of Punjab is destroyed and the atmosphere there is continuously becoming poisonous. There condition is becoming so dangerous that almost every 7th person of the state has fallen prey to cancer. This is such reality which can become cause of worry for all of us. Second live example of ill-effects of chemical fertilizers is Kerala, main crop of which, Cashew has been banned in the whole of Europe. Reason told has been this that in cashews of Kerala dangerous chemical elements are 4 times more than normal. Similarly Japan, Israel and many other developed countries of the world have put a ban on import of Indian agricultural products because there our agricultural products have been believed to be dangerous for health.

There are no two ways about it that the real reason for the above condition is indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides by farmers. In farming by this method not only per hectare production cost is increasing, but due to dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides environment pollution is also rapidly spreading. If this pace of pollution in environment and food kept increasing like this only then, believe it, Mr. Prime Minister, your dream of ‘clean India-healthy India’, will really remain a dream only.
In my understanding the only and probably most effective way to protect against all this is- organic farming. We are seeing that with changing times in agricultural techniques and nature of produce too difference is coming pronto. Due to increasing awareness towards health in middle class families too trend of fresh and organic food is increasing. Not only this organic farming from the point of view of produce, saving and health is also proving to be much profitable business for the farmers too. By it not only produce increases but a great improvement in the quality of the produce is also being seen. So, farmers of Uttrakhand, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, North-East along with those of many states in big numbers are turning towards organic farming and are increasingly seeing this as recession-free business.

Mr. Prime Minister, in India number of those who have adopted technique of organic farming is only 5% yet. Figures tell that till year 2008 on 8.67 lakh hectare agricultural land in the country organic farming was taking place which is mere 0.61% of the total 14.2 Crore hectare agricultural land of India. According to an estimate, this year the figure is expected to reach 20 lakh hectares. Now when in the world market business of organic products has reached 38.6 billion dollars, in this India’s share is just 0.2 %. Meaning India is till now doing export of organic food worth 300 crore rupees only. It is obvious, in this business of organic products in India there still is tremendous potential. Central Government by giving proper facilities and help to organic farming and organic products can not only save farmers from their misery and compulsion to commit suicide, but can also achieve its export targets easily.

This question can arise that for farmers falling prey to adversities and for consumers becoming patients of many kinds of diseases why organic farming only is better alternative? Answer is clear. The biggest benefit of organic farming has been this that by it cost of farming has reduced by till 80%. Also in the quality of agricultural produce huge improvement has been there and due to getting better price for organic produce in organic food market their income has increased 30-40 %. Today it can be avowedly said that in organic produce guarantee of purity is there. It is a strange irony that in our country on side people are dying of hunger and famine, farmers are committing suicide due to natural disasters, there on the other side every year food grains worth 60,000 crore rupees due to various reasons gets destroyed. This is unfortunate. Through organic farming this wastage can be controlled to an extent. Reason is this that organic food doesn’t get spoiled for a long time, secondly for their protection special methods are also not required.
Not only this, by encouraging organic farming farmers can be saved from droughts also. Reason, in organic farming for irrigation of crops much water is not needed. Apart from this, by organic farming fertility of soil increases and safety of food is ensured.

This is a reality that in the country consumption of organic food is continuously increasing. Due to this new doors of opportunity are opening for the farmers moving a step in the direction of organic farming. In this area demand of the market always remains and not significant effect of recession is there. According to economic surveys, Indian Agriculture and food business by year 2020 can get double reaching till 280 billion dollars. If seen from this point of view then in organic food sector at this time possibility of private investment of 50 billion dollars is there. Figures of the survey also tell this that organic food yet fulfill only 2% of the food supply of the entire world. So by giving push to this sector without using extra agricultural land, food problem of the country can be solved to a large extent.

Mr. Prime Minister, this is mere glimpse only of sufferings of the food-providers sitting on estuary of crematoriums due to vagaries of weather. Recently only you have spoken your ‘Mann Ki Baat’ with farmers. Because, I also have had deep connection with village and poverty, I want to share farmer’s feelings with you. Today what all is being served to consumers in the name of organic food, its benefit is reaching only a few selected business families, middlemen and people of high income. Organic food products still are available to only 10-15% common people. If farmers of the country are to be made healthy, able and prosperous, then new methods will have to be found to encourage organic farming. In the market of organic food products intervention of farmers, producers and there effective participation be ensured, then its ways will have to be developed. Then only farmer of the country will become free of fear, hunger and corruption. Hope that you will understand this and will take appropriate step in this direction. Then only smile will come on faces of the farmers.


Reena Bhartiya
Organic World
C-47, Greater Kailash Part-1
New Delhi-110048
Mobile:- +91 9873887958
Email: – reenabhartiya@organicworld.net.in

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